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Every Tuesday at 8pm in The Swan Hotel

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Johns and Nowak

September 27th: Johns and Nowak

Camilla Johns & Andy Nowak met at a bluegrass festival.They are an English acoustic duo that like to have fun with American music:weaving together mandolin and guitar,and singing songs of heartache and longing.Their music is sometimes wistful:steeped in the American tradition and all that comes with it-from fiddle tunes to folk songs,from driving instrumentals and gentle ballads:some traditional,some self-penned. Accomplished instrumentalists,they are a brand new duo that hail from a background of glitzy London folk bands,the Bristol jazz and UK acoustic music scene, with debut album of the year nominations and tuition from some of America's greatest acoustic musicians,the duo is based in Bath/Bristol and they love to travel.


October 4th: Singaround

Always in the cellar

Bernard Hoskin

October 11th: Bernard Hoskin

Bernard Hoskin is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based near Cambridge,England.He has been performing both solo and in various groups at folk clubs and festivals in England for fifteen years.His work has been influenced by a diverse range of artist including Paul Simon, Bert Jansch, Marc Cohn,Shawn Colvin and Papa Wemba, as well as English and Celtic traditional music.Primarily a guitarist,he also plays bass,keyboards and mandolin.In 1988-89 he was lead singer and guitarist in the Cambridge folk group,Maverick,and since then he has continued to work as both a solo performer and in a duo with saxophone and flute player, Mike Clifford.


October 18th: Singaround


Mike Scott

October 25th: Mike Scott

Although I arrived on the planet earlier than most of the currently available Mike Scotts, I have somehow contrived to be later than all the others in almost every subsequent aspect of human endeavour.Consequently,my belated arrival in cyberspace has to be artfully disguised,as more astute Mike Scotts have seized and monopolised most of the logical variations of the name.I am however, fortunate enough to have a middle name that few, if any,of the others are eager to acquire,and so,after mouldering unnoticed for many years,between my more frequently used monikers,it at last comes into its own.I am,for the purposes of internet identification, Mike Danver Scott.I am well into my seventh decade,and for the last three of those seven,I have been writing and singing my own songs, I still consider myself to be learning my trade,the best I can hope for is that my songs either amuse or disturb, you will not find many answears in them,but I hope they might pose a few pertinent questions,and I hope you like one or two.


November 1st: Singaround


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